Two books to help understand and use the natural laws which govern evolution and growth of everything - including you and me.

An overview of our whole lifetime frees us from the daily "rat race". There is Purpose after all.

Two large size beautifully presented coloured books
containing many new concepts not found anywhere else

Personal Diary Book

Life Diary

From the practice of Astrology Brian has discovered that we are all subject to 12 and 30 year cycles in our lives.We can use this knowledge to achieve the results that we desire.

Test this for yourself by adding past life events to the free Life Diary, and read the book to see how to use it for future achievements. Brian correctly predicted the outcome of the 2015 UK General election using its principles.(eBook £2.91 / $4.49 FREE iPhone readers)

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The Cycle of Growth Book

The Cycle Of Growth

The Cycle of Growth compares and harmonises traditional philosophic and esoteric teachings with some of the latest discoveries in psychology and science.

This unique book explores the 12 stage cycles of evolution from 'The Big Bang' onwards, and took 40 years of research to produce. (eBook £4.98 / $5.99 FREE iPhone Kindle reader apps)

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About Author

About the Author

With over 40 years of practical Astrology and Tarot experience, Brian has also qualified as a full member of “The National Federation of Spiritual Healers” (now under the umbrella of The Healing Trust). He also passed a qualifying test by “The Institute of Spiritualists Mediums”. He gave up a growing Tarot and Astrology consultancy to research in greater depth. Brian’s deep theoretical knowledge and experimental practice of Astrology combined with extensive studies of Tarot, Kabbalah, Numerology, The Bible, The Chakras, and related areas of Psychology, Chemistry, and Physics has enabled him to develop a deep unique evidence-based insight that his books are built on. Traditional knowledge has been updated and verified by modern scientific discoveries – and life experience.

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